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Mission Statement

C3 Gaming provides clients with the most appropriate team of consulting professionals to solve their business problems.

Core Values

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Do not be

C3 pricing is based on the expected time to complete a project and priced appropriately - not what we think the client is capable of paying.

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Listen first without the meter running

Have the perspective of the client in mind at the outset

Work to first give an honest assessment of where the clients stands - there may not be a business problem to solve, but there may be a need for help beyond a client’s internal resources to improve 

Discuss issues that are clear and educate on issues that may not be on the surface 

Diverse. Vetted. Experienced. Qualified.

Meet the C3 expert consultants

C3 Gaming's approach is simple. 

First, understand the client’s needs, then

assemble the most appropriate team of consulting professionals

to complete the assignment.


final c3 logo.png